F1 Cockpit Cam: See the Driver at Work

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

On the surface, any form of racing might look easy, heck, these drivers earn their jobs based on their incredible talents to make what they do look easy.

However, we know that hopping behind the wheel of a racecar, especially the likes of an F1 car is most certainly no piece of cake, to say the least.

This time, we take a close look at exactly how hard an F1 driver has to work behind the wheel to get their car where it needs to go in the most efficient and quickest manner possible, all without damaging the super expensive architecture that they’re piloting.

We check out the point of view footage below that can really go a long way towards putting us in the driver seat without actually being in the driver seat. We can practically feel the g-forces from here.