Facebook LIVE Video Goes Viral as Teenager Films High Speed Pursuit That Ends in a Crash

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Yesterday, a video had gone viral on Facebook showing a Corpus Christi, Texas teenager streaming a police pursuit. In this day and age, with cameras everywhere, we never know where a video is going to take us. In this situation, it just so happened to be in the passenger seat of a car trying to escape the law.

The girl sat in the passenger seat of a car that had a strong police presence behind it. Apparently, the police were going to pull over the vehicle for speeding. We’re not quite sure how pulling over would have gone for them. What we are sure of is that the driver’s response certainly made matters worse for everyone.

It would appear as if the pursuit began when the vehicle failed to stop. From there, things would escalate until they would boil over for the occupants of the car.

The pair of live videos show the car swerving in and out of traffic as more and more police cruisers join the chase. As the vehicle hurls itself down the Texas I-37, you can hear the girl bad-mouthing the law, whoever told on her, and people watching the stream alike.

It’s rather perplexing why someone would live stream a situation like this one.

Eventually, the vehicle exits the highway and comes to a crashing halt. Moments before the crash, the driver of the vehicle remarks that she thinks that her tires had been popped. A bystander’s video would show the crashed vehicle surrounded by at least 9 police cruisers.

Following the incident, KRIS 6 News Corpus Christi reported ” In the end, DPS Troopers arrested 19-year-old Marissa Cooper and two juveniles. Cooper was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, engaging in organized criminal activity-hinder apprehension or prosecution known felon.”

Cooper says that she is a cocktail waitress at Club Cheetah Corpus Christi, a strip club in Corpus Christi, in her Facebook biography section. Cooper says she began working at the club in June 2019. Also on that page, Cooper says that she is a graduate of Calallen High School in Corpus Christi.

Publicly available statistics show that Cooper’s two live-streams of the chase have been watched over three million times and shared over 100,000 times. Cooper was arrested along with two minors, a female aged 17 and a male aged 16. The trio are accused of evading arrest and of drug possession.

They tell us that her bail was set at $11,500.

Warning: The following videos contain adult language.