TBT: The FARM TRUCK! The Ultimate Sleeper Truck

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

TBT: The FARM TRUCK! The Ultimate Sleeper Truck

In the light of the recent explosive news that the NHRA will now ban street racing competitors from their tracks, we figured it would be a better time than ever to get back to the roots of one the fan favorite Street Outlaws competitors who is also a pack leader in the street racing game.

The truck that used to be a complete sleeper is known as Farm Truck as we’re sure that everyone is aware at this point as the truck has become quite the public figure.

Check out one of the first traces of this shockingly fast truck in the video below. Just think about it, at this point in time, nobody expected that an old nitrous powered Chevrolet pickup truck would take the street racing scene by storm!