Fast and Furious Last Race Spoof is Hilariously Spot On!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The Fast and The Furious as a franchise has become a global phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean everything they do is perfect. We’ve all made fun of Dom’s wheel standing-while-smoking-the-tires launch in the finale of the film that started it all, and we all rolled our eyes when called nitrous “Nahhs” for the first time and used the number of bottles to decide which system was better. And let’s not even start on counting gear changes…

Car Bros decided to take all of those little things that irk us and make them into an epic three and a half minute scene, complete with over-dramatization and gear changes aplenty.

The scene opens with our two racers – one in a Subaru WRX and the other in a Ford Mustang GT – speeding toward a certain collision with an oncoming freight train, which should sound familiar to most of our audience. Then the clip resets to twelve seconds in the past and recounts the moments leading up to the railroad crossing. With fierce gazes fixed upon each other, the competitors drop the clutch and bang the gears over and over and over before finally reaching the train tracks, where we see they just narrowly make it across in time. As they congratulate each other profusely, the driver of the WRX is oblivious to an obstacle in his way. Just as he turns to see it, he hits the pile of items that conveniently form a ramp and goes flying in a dramatic slow-motion tumble that leaves him motionless on the ground.

In a heart-wrenching final twist, the WRX driver appears alongside the Mustang in a stock Civic, obviously a car from the past, and asks his buddy if he wants to race. The screen fades to black as the engines rev, sending the two off on their final journey together as the video ends. As the credits start to roll, so do the tears


THE FINAL RACE. It's all come down to this. One last high-octane street race to settle it all.

Posted by CAR BROS on Tuesday, June 13, 2017