Fast and Furious Star, Idris Elba, Confirmed to Have COVID-19

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Each and every day, the definition of how to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak develops. One day, it seems like reports say we shouldn’t be too concerned about it. The next day, they say that it might be safer to stay home and keep our hands washed constantly.

We certainly aren’t any experts but we would probably recommend following the ever-evolving CDC guidelines found here. It doesn’t seem like there is a need for panic just yet. However, being safe has never been a bad strategy.

Idris Elba Contracts Coronavirus

One of the most recent celebrities to have come down with virus is none other than Idris Elba. The actor is best known in the car community for his role in the Hobbs and Shaw spinoff from the Fast and Furious franchise. You might also recognize him for his role as Heimdall in Avengers movies.

Most importantly, at this time, Idris is a human being.

Elba took to Twitter to inform his fans that he had contracted COVID-19. He relayed that he feels “ok” with no symptoms so far. However, he does tell us that he has been isolated since he has found out about his possible exposure to the virus.

Assuming he is otherwise healthy, at 47 years old, Elba probably doesn’t have much to worry about in terms of his long term health in regards to the virus. As of now, though, it seems like one of the main concerns is to prevent spreading it to people who may have compromised health.