Emotional Nemechek: 'Awesome Father's Day gift for dad'

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you so happen to be incredibly passionate about your hobby, passing it on to your loved ones is something only comes naturally and is an exciting time. For John and Joe Nemechek, racing is something that really runs in the family and on Father’s Day, Joe would be given a great gift by his son, John, that any father has to enjoy. Being able to see your blood have success in the field that you love so much has to be quite a rewarding experience as a father and that exact situation as Joe takes home a NASCAR truck series checkered flag!

This time, we check out the scene from Victory Lane at Gateway Motorsports Park when John takes Home victory after what sounds like a long and troublesome path to the point where they’re at now. It’s enough to choke up John with all of his gratitude for finally being able to make his way to the winner’s circle with the help of so many people that it looks difficult for him to list them all! It’s really heartwarming to watch as someone so humble is able to have success

Check out the video below that captures this epic father and son moment that I’m sure is irreplaceable in the hearts of both of these men. Heck, who knows, it might even make you tear up a little bit watching it as the Happiness is really overflowing here. It’s good to see someone who has worked so hard and come so far take home some positive reinforcement with a victory! If John keeps pushing, don’t be surprised to see his return to victory lane on a more common basis!