Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk: Wild In The Streets

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

The guys at daily driven exotics just got back their liberty walk Ferrari 458 that was crashed last year in a very unfortunate event at car week in Monterey. Damon from DDE was devastated with what happen and had to get the car back so he could get back to drifting and ripping on the beast.

In this video we have Damon straight roasting the tires on the DDE Ferrai 458 with no mercy. To most some of the stunts would be very risky but for Damon this is an easy move, even drifting around a Nissan GTR with ease. This specific Ferrari is not your average Ferrari 458 with a slew of modifications from a nasty loud exhaust to huge fender flares and bigger rims and tires.

Check out the video below if you love loud exotic cars being abused and pushed to their limits. From burnouts, to powerslides this clip has them all and Damon is having the time of his life getting back behind the wheel of his Ferrari.