Ferrari Graveyard - Where Exotics Go To Die

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

While it might seem like there are some cars out there that are simply worth working on and replacing parts on until the day that they’re destroyed beyond recognition, those who have had the experience of keeping up a decrepit old exotic car can attest to the fact that being in possession of something like this can get rather expensive.

When a car outlives its usefulness, naturally, it heads out to the graveyard and when you’re talking about cars with nameplates like Ferrari, the process really isn’t much different. Some of these cars might have rolled in looking like they could potentially be resuscitated and others definitely look like they belong in their final resting place but one thing that they all share in common is the fact that they are no longer a black hole sitting in the garage for whoever owned them last.

It might be sad to look on as we check out the spread of body panels, all sorts of engines in different levels of completion, and other various parts, as they have all been laid to rest for the time being but there is a bit of a saving grace in this collection when you know that the parts might just go on to do something good in someone else’s collector car – probably at an incredibly premium price, that is.

Check out the clip down below that gives us a tour through an exotic car graveyard thanks to a little bit of help from Rob Ferretti. Be sure to scope it all out and tell us if you spotted anything that especially caught your eye while taking a look at this collection of car parts.