FireAde - Don't Fight Fires, Extinguish them!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

FireAde 2000 is an innovative advancement in fire fighting technology. For years, fighting fires has been about slowing down the fire enough to allow any people to escape, then controlling the flames until the fuel source is depleted.

With FireAde, that’s simply not the case. Their patented formula not only extinguishes the fire but eliminates the flammability of any liquid fuel source such as gasoline, a common source of fires in and around the racing industry. In the video below, you can see several different – and very convincing – demonstrations of just how quickly and thoroughly FireAde puts out the flames and eliminates the chance of reignition, which is always a potential hazard when fuel has been spilled. On top of all of these, FireAde is water based and biodegradable, meaning there’s no chemical danger to the wildlife or water sources from its use.

This truly is a revolutionary product that we will be seeing on Busted Knuckle Films‘ rigs throughout the 2017 season.