Firefighters Rescue Woman Who Gets Head Stuck in Truck's Exhaust Tip... But How?

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/17/2021

No matter who you are or what kind of person you would consider yourself to be, we all have embarrassing moments. We can all say that there probably was a point in our lives where we would look back on it and maybe wish that we just decided to make one little decision a bit differently.

Thankfully, for the majority of us, those embarrassing moments weren’t filmed and put on the internet but with the way that Facebook and other social media platforms are today, you know that everybody has to share everything so it’s a lot more likely that your embarrassing moment will find its way to the web.

In this one, we catch up with the young lady who somehow managed to get her head stuck in a diesel truck’s exhaust tip even after questioning this one and stopping for a few seconds to really think about, I still have absolutely no idea how somebody would come to be stuck in such a position, however, 3 million views later, I don’t think that this is a moment that this young lady will ever forget as the fire company and all came to her rescue, breaking out the big guns to cut off the exhaust and try and free her head from this predicament.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to share the clip as it was as it was posted to Facebook and just kept going up and up in popularity, putting together more and more views until this poor girl, or at least her back, now has quite the amount of notoriety. Something tells me that this is an instance that her friends also will never let her live down. There’s just something about being known worldwide for getting your head stuck in an exhaust tip that I don’t think I would let my friends lives down, either.