First Real Idle Clip of the NEW Dodge SRT Demon!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Information about Dodge’s bombshell Challenger SRT Demon is beginning to make its way out to the general public. In case you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed it, a couple of months ago, Dodge announced the Demon and rocked the domestic automotive industry. For the first time in history, a major automotive manufacturer had built a car with outright quarter mile performance as more than an afterthought.

With an 840 horsepower supercharged Hemi under the Demon-specific hood, the biggest part of the equation was in place. However, it takes more than brute horsepower to rip off the quickest quarter mile time possible, and that’s where the Demon’s drag-specific characteristics come into play. The transmission is geared specifically to keep the car in the meat of it’s power curve through the 1320 foot mark, meaning it’s always making the most efficient use of those eight hundred forty horses. The torque converter has a higher stall than most – 3,700 RPM to be exact – meaning when the power is sent rearward from the engine, the car is already well up into the RPM range and making big power.

The transmission also features a transbrake, a special solenoid that locks low gear and reverse together with the press of a button and lets the engine spin freely to a pre-selected RPM. When the button is released, reverse disengages and first gear grabs, essentially functioning the same way as dumping the clutch in a manual transmission car, sending the power rearward with a jolt that, if traction allows, can actually lift the front tires off the ground. In this video, we get our first experience with the Demon in the wild, finally getting to hear the car crank and idle, as well as getting some info about the options, especially the Demon crate, a goody-box that features skinnier front tires, a floor jack, an air pump and a conical air filter for better airflow.

We can’t wait until we start seeing these factory-built street legal drag cars on the streets and seeing what the aftermarket has in store for a car that rolls off the showroom capable of zero-to-sixty times below 2.5 seconds and running well below the 10 second barrier in the quarter mile.