FIU Bridge Collapse In Slow Motion... Horrifying Moment!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sometimes, the world is very vindictive and situations will unfold the just don’t seem to be fair at all and I think that most people would agree that sometimes, they just aren’t. There isn’t much that we can do in some of the situations aside from try to be more positive people ourselves, potentially helping out those affected by a situation like this and maybe help out others who are going through some sort of a hard time of their own. After all, we are all human beings and sometimes, a shoulder to lean on is all that we need and we would presume that after a situation like this, there are definitely some folks who could use a helping hand.

As one of the biggest headlines in recent news has unfolded, we’ve come across a situation that really just grabs your heartstrings and yanks on them. Basically, a walking bridge in Florida managed to collapse, leaving six people dead in the wake of the sudden destruction. It really seemed to come out of nowhere and is the most unlikely accident as the bridge simply gave from under these folks, causing quite a tragic situation.

In recent news, an addition has been made to the story that shows the dramatic occurrence happening on video. As someone pulled on the highway that the bridge crosses over just seconds before the incident, their video camera captured the entire thing and it’s kind of hard to watch so we warn you that if you decide to proceed here, to head on with caution. Down below, you’ll be able to see the scene from that day as a select couple of people who we have to give a “hats off” to decided to rush to the scene of the accident to try and help. We’re not sure if they were able to aid the injured as of yet but we have to commend their efforts and send our condolences to all who were affected.