Flashback Friday - Big Chief in the Original Crow vs Brian Davis! The Big Crash!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This moment remains one of the most talked about incidents in Street Outlaws nearly four-year history. Legendary grudge racer Brian “Chucky” Davis joined forces with several of his local racers and came to OKC to face off with Big Chief and the best of the best from the 405.

After a great night of racing, the feature race was set to go down, but before the race, Chief and Chucky chatted jokingly about just loading up and going home to their families. Both men would go on to wish they’d followed through on that thought.

As the cars launched, Chief pulled out to about a half carlength lead, but anybody who knows Brian Davis knows there’s zero quit in him, so even as his car was losing traction, he fought to keep it in his lane and kept his foot buried as long as he could. However, as lightweight, high horsepower hotrods on sketchy surfaces tend to do, the car skated around to the point Davis was unable to control it any longer and almost like a magnet, the car slid right into the driver’s side rear fender of the Crow, sending both cars on a punishing ride into the distance.

Chuck’s Mustang tumbled mercilessly down the road, while Big Chief and the Crow left the roadway and rolled, then flipped into and over a nearby chainlink fence, finally coming to rest in a boulder-lined culvert. While both drivers were able to exit under their own power, Chief was visibly banged up, gingerly favoring his back, which still gives him problems to this day. Davis, while uninjured in the crash, was visibly shaken, much more out of concern for Chief than himself or his own car. All ended well, but for a moment nobody watching on the starting line knew if either driver was going to walk away from this harrowing crash.