Florida Driver SMASHES Into Motorcycle In WILD HIT and RUN

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Have you ever experienced road rage so bad that you just wanted to throw it in drive and run someone over? We wouldn’t be surprised to hear the majority of people answering “yes,” but we’d like to think that most folks have enough self-control to refrain from such actions.

For the driver of this Pontiac, however, self-control wasn’t something that was in his vocabulary, as he did whatever his anger at the motorcycle riders pictured here would dictate.

A nearby driver would pull out his cell phone in anticipation of a showdown and shortly later, that showdown would come as the driver decided to plow over the riders.

Shortly after, the driver of the car would be found and arrested. This one is going to be awkward to explain to the judge. We feel like the simple tactic of better communication could have gone a lot further here.

COP PULLS OVER MEMBER OF A BIKER GANG. who’s really in the wrong here?