For $100k, You Can Buy Your Own Personal High Performance Submarine

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

With the technology available on the market these days, cooler and cooler opportunities are becoming available to us. One of the most recent captured by Supercar Blondie shows off the likes of a mechanical shark of sorts.

Called the “Seabreacher,” this concept embodies the world of the jet ski but takes it to a pretty radical extreme. Powered by a 1600cc supercharged Rotax power plant, the vehicle makes about 350 hp. In the scheme of things, we’ve become a little bit desensitized to horsepower. However, in something this small, that much power is beyond adequate! That means that the machine is out there ripping around in the water and pulling off some crazy accelerations.

When all is said and done, it’s able to achieve about a 60 mph top speed. Highway speeds in a submarine is a pretty wild thought, to say the least.

The machine implements fighter jet glass to keep riders dry and endure the pressure of the water. Just how much water will the machine be able to handle? The driver should be able to dive around 6-7 feet before needing to come back up to the surface.

To sum it all up nicely, this thing is basically like having your own personal high-performance submarine. Just when you thought that grabbing a jet ski was the ultimate way to get out there and get moving on the water, something like this pops up and really adds a strong contender to the wishlist.

As far as cost goes, it’s going to set back a potential customer about $100k. That does seem pretty steep but we would be inclined to think that it’s also pretty expensive to put something like this together. When comparing it to an average jet ski, the cost is very much justified.

Perhaps, in a couple of years, the prices will drop little bit and we will see these supercharged sharks more frequently in bodies of water around the world! This thing brings all new meaning to the personal watercraft!