For all of those worried, this test shows what happens when the Tesla Model X wings pinch your fingers

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

In the automotive technology space, Tesla is almost second to none as each and every revelation of equipment installed in their vehicles leaves us, the consumers, wanting to see more.

In this demonstration, we take a quick look at the Tesla Model X, an electric SUV whose most notable physical feature is the falcon wing doors that open from the bottom, unlike traditional doors.

While such a system is pretty cool, you can most definitely see why automated doors like these could use a potential problem, especially with an SUV that will more than likely have small children running around it and using it.

However, as you can probably imagine Tesla has managed to put some measures in place to combat any tiny fingers that might find their way into a perilous situation.

Taking action with a selection of fruit, this couple puts their own personal Model X to the test the see just how safe the high-tech SUV’s Doors really are. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend purposely closing the doors on the fingers of your newborn, but the technology in place to prevent pinching and bumping into things is quite impressive.

If this was something that was concerning you as a potential Tesla buyer, the video below should put your mind at ease as to what you can and cannot expect from the vehicle. With all of the sensors integrated into this package, it leads you to wonder what they will think of next.