Ford Focus RS drift mode goes horribly wrong

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If there is one thing about today’s Ford Focus that we can say with resounding confidence, it’s that the compact car is an incredibly far cry from the original Focus that rolled off of the Ford assembly line.

Instead of a little bee bop car that your grandma would fall asleep in while driving to church on Sunday, the new and improved Focus RS is something that every hormone riddled teenager would love to get behind the wheel off to blow off some testosterone.

While it’s easy to poke fun at this Fast and Furious wannabe, I personally can say that it is a machine that I, a diehard V8 fanatic, wouldn’t mind wheeling at some point in time.

Now that you know my deep dark secret of my admiration for this four banger, we take you to a situation in which somebody wanted to experience all of the performance benefits and couldn’t quite handle them properly.

When we saw that the Focus had a “drift mode,” we thought that someone was yanking our chain, but lo and behold it is a real thing and this time that real thing, when paired with some driver error, sent this Focus straight into the side of a mountain.

Check out the sequence of events below as a couple of conveniently placed GoPros capture the oversteer that spells the end of this hot little turbocharged ride.