Ford Mustang slams into man on a motorcycle, hit and run!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

There are some folks in this world who just won’t take an ounce of anger from anyone and from what we can see of this situation, it looks like the driver of the Ford Mustang is one of those people. The person who uploaded the video to YouTube told us that it looked like the driver of the Mustang cut off the biker’s girlfriend, so the biker took action.

By action, we mean riding alongside a car while confronting the driver and with the amount of crazies out there, that really seems to not be the smartest idea that this rider has ever had – noble or not. When the Mustang driver decided that enough was enough, they swerved over, taking out the biker who looks to have reached out and hit the Mustang.

Sometimes, it’s not readily apparent what world people are living in, but instigating hand to hand road rage combat with a 3,000+ lb car while you’re riding on two wheels probably isn’t the best idea, even if you are correct in the matter at hand!

Check out the video below that shows the rider being taken out. Looks like this motorcycle rider will probably refrain from going after cars for a while, that’s for sure!