Ford Patents Putting Movie Projectors in SUV Hatch to Create Mobile Theater

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Today, automotive technology is moving so fast that it’s been difficult to keep up with. Some of the most focused-on advancements these days revolve around safety and the way that the car moves. With autonomous driving coming around so quickly, the community can’t seem to shift the focus away from it.

However, we’re sure that each and every automaker is working on their next big thing. After all, differentiating themselves from the competition is how they sell vehicles. Getting the edge on a competitor for even a year or two could shake up the sales rankings.

One of the obscure things that Ford has been rumored to have been working on for a while is that of creating a movie theater experience with their vehicles. According to Ford Authority, the brand has filed patents in the past to turn the bed of the Ford F-150 into a movie theater. More recently, they say that the company has filed a patent to do something similar with an SUV.

In these new patents, a projector would be embedded in the hatch on the bottom. The device would be placed somewhat near where we would expect the latch to be. In addition to being able to project movies, the device should also be able to act as a light. This might be particularly useful for someone trying to accomplish a job at night or maybe even looking to do a little bit of tailgating when the sun goes down.

At the end of the day, we can’t say for sure that this is going to be the big idea that ends up selling a ton of vehicles. However, it’s pretty easy to get excited about innovations like this. If they come to fruition, it would definitely be a neat feature to be able to have.