Formula 1 Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Gets Hit For Massive $67 Million Jewelry Heist

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter to Bernie Ecclestone and the heiress to quite the fortune. It turns out that the Family that controls the commercial rights to one of the world’s biggest racing organization is worth quite an amount of money. If it’s any indication as to their wealth, Tamara was just ripped off for $67 million in jewelry. That’s just a fraction of the wealth for a family behind Formula 1 that’s believed to be worth billions. Such an invasion of privacy is jarring, though, no matter what the circumstances.

The Details

It is said that Tamara had left the country for the Christmas holiday when thieves stepped in. Meanwhile, a collection of people broke into her home and made off with the jewelry. The surveillance system caught them making their way in through the back. Upon entering the house, they made their way straight for her bedroom.

The strange part about the story is that the home is said to be fitted with a “high-end security system.”

Furthermore, 24-hour security is supposed to be on hand 7 days each week just in case something like this happens. The street even has checkpoints to weed out any potential hazards.

We would be inclined to think that they would have heightened awareness with Ecclestone being gone. Allegedly, security had seen three potential suspects who took off before they could be identified. As of now, no arrests have been made.

An Inside Job?

It seems like, in the scheme of things, that this is some sort of inside job. At the risk of sounding like a movie script, it just seems to coincidental that these intruders would know exactly when and where to strike. In fact, they were able to spend almost an hour inside the home, reports say. When someone is able to go through a home for 50 minutes, it would seem as if they weren’t too worried about being spotted. Therefore, they’d either really done their research or had a little bit of help.

The home is located in an incredible exclusive area of London known as Billionaires Row.