Frank Pompilio's 67 Mustang on Radials - Sweet 16

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

In order to give you an idea of just how insane Duck X Productions’ Sweet Sixteen Radial vs the World shoot out was, we’re going to introduce many of you to Frank Pompilio. While I know many of our fans out there know or know of Frank and his gorgeous 1967 Mustang, if you’re unfamiliar with the world of Outlaw 10.5, the car may be new on your radar. However, now that he’s made the transition to radials – whether it is permanent or not – we’re liable to start seeing a lot more of this car.

Powered by a ProLine Racing Engines-built powerplant being force fed several cubic feet of air per second by a pair of big turbochargers hung out in front of the engine. Along with the wicked powerplant, the car looks downright amazing, making Frank’s car a double threat, both looking and running great. Sweet Sixteen was Pompilio’s first time out on radials, making the transition from 10.5” slicks to the hyper-sticky Mickey Thompson drag radial, so there was quite a learning curve for the Canadian, who made the long trip down to Georgia to take a shot at the biggest payday in small tire racing history. With the talented minds at ProLine working on the tune to help make the transition from slicks to radials as well as extracting as much power and ET as possible from the combination.

Frank and crew brought the car out with an opening run of 3.97 to get a baseline performance and began chipping away at the tune, making steady improvements throughout qualifying for the prestigious event. By the time the final qualifier rolled around, they had picked up enough ET to qualify for the second chance race, missing the insane 3.76 bump spot for the main event. He lost in the first round, however, in a great race against Don Lamana’s fox body Mustang. We have to assume with a few more laps under his belt, Pompilio will be looking to jump into battle with the baddest names in Radial vs the World, so we may see him again at No Mercy this fall.