Full Bowl of Cereal vs 600hp Corvette, What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Jesse, also known as BigKleib34, and his girlfriend Sarah decided to see if Sarah could much down some cereal while Jesse towed through the gears in his Z06 Corvette, and the results are exactly as you’d expect: MESSY!

BigKleib drops the hammer right off the bat and sends Lucky Charms and milk flying all over the lovely Sarah, who takes her breakfast bath like a champ! Things don’t really get better for Sarah after that, with more cereal ending up on her clothes than in her mouth. However, she’ s great sport despite the sticky mess, no matter how many times Jesse drops the hammer and douses her with the magical deliciousness.

Luckily the pair had the good sense to wrap Sarah’s seat in a tarp before they began the shenanigans, so the mint interior of Jesse’s Corvette was protected from the stunt!