Guy Fuses Two Minivans Together, Creates Ultimate Dual-Engine Twin Turbo Sleeper

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Sometimes, in the scheme of things, creativity can get lost in drag racing. That’s not always the worst thing in the world. After all, getting one’s foot in the door sometimes means going with the most accessible platform. In a lot of racers’ repertoires, money is certainly an object and so is ability. Therefore, going with the most common platform solves several of these problems.

This time, we check out a build that might not have been the most costly of those on Drag Week. However, the talent that it took to bring something like this together is nothing short of impressive. Instead of starting with anything conventional, this time, we catch up with the man who decided to take a minivan through Drag Week’s challenges.

This whole adventure started with none other than the Chevrolet Venture. Originally, the minivan pictured here was essentially unwanted. The man whose hands it fell into telss us that he actually kind of liked the platform, though. It might be unconventional but he previously built a Chevrolet Cavalier that rocked out with the same engine architecture. In order to get a little bit more familiar with said architecture, the mechanic decided to start tinkering with the engine under the hood of the van.

When another Chevy Venture ended up falling into his lap, he knew what to do. We’re not exactly sure how he got there but eventually, both of the vans would be fused together.

Down in the BigKleib34 video below, we gather some insight on the inspiration and execution of a build like this. After all, with this sort of construction, there is definitely no roadmap. Most of us can probably pop into a forum to get our questions answered, this one might’ve been just a little bit more challenging. At the end of the day, though, this one certainly caught our attention!