Gas Engined Vehicles Aren't Going Away Any Time Soon - Here's Why

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

As the pages of the calendar have turned to 2020, we find ourselves in an interesting space in the automotive world. Electric cars have been lingering around for a while now. However, it seems as if very recently, they have picked up a lot of momentum. In fact, it would almost appear as if they were positioning themselves to eventually take over the combustion engine vehicle market.

Combustion Surges On

Lots of opinions from around the automotive world, including my own, seem to think that electric vehicles are going to be a massive part of the future. Furthermore, many conclude that they could push combustion engines out of the picture. It wouldn’t be shocking to see electricity completely take over as a primary power source for our automobiles one day. However, if we ask Engineering Explained, they seem to have a different opinion on the matter.

Our host claims that one of the questions that he gets when he talks about any sort of combustion technology is why manufacturers pursue combinations like this. After all, if the electric takeover is imminent, why would they waste their time and resources betting on combustion? As it turns out, at least from the Engineering Explained point of view, combustion is far from gone. In fact, it might hang around longer than some might think.

This time, we get the breakdown that dives into just that concept. In this one, we hear all about factors like efficiency, environmental friendliness, and even cost structure. While electric is certainly making a strong push to become more relevant, it might be a while before It holds a majority stake.

Political Pushback

Yet another factor to consider would be the political side of things. Electric might be more efficient but we all know that big oil isn’t going to go down easy. There’s far too much money in that industry to go down without fight.