Georgia Police Chase McLaren 720S | 150+ MPH!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve seen, and shared, plenty of videos of motorists attempting to flee police, whether it be on the back roads or wide open on the highway, in something as inane as a minivan to some elite supercars. We’d never ever suggest anybody run from the cops for any reason, as you’re only going to endanger yourself as well as innocent drivers sharing the roadway with you.

Luckily for us, there has been widespread adoption of dash cams by nearly all law enforcement offices across the nation, leading to a veritable hoard of footage of people trying to get a leg up on the cops. Of course, with very few rare exceptions, the chase always ends with a citation or arrest, meaning the cops tend to win far more than they lose, but for some reason, people keep trying to outrun the police and failing miserably.

I do have to say, I expected this chase to end in favor of the McLaren 720S, which is easily in the top few percentage as far as the fastest cars on the road. As you can see, the car easily pulls almost completely out of sight seemingly effortlessly, only to drop back into view a couple of different times. Of course, we find out toward the end of the video that the driver is actually driving under the influence, most likely of alcohol.

The McLaren, packing some 700+ horsepower, should have easily been able to walk clean out of the life of the officer’s cruiser, topping out in excess of 150 MPH at one point. The problem is, the driver was too inebriated to realize he needed to keep his foot down a little longer. Eventually, he just decided to end the pursuit and pulls to the shoulder, basically surrendering to the cops and likely setting himself up for a pretty crappy series of events.

Of course, had he kept running, given his state of drunkenness, his crappy series of events pales in comparison of having hit an innocent motorist and causing injury or death, so this is a far better outcome, with all parties living to drive another day.