Get An Inside Look at the Cleanest Rig in Drag Racing

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you really start to get into drag racing and your machine starts to get a little bit more serious, you have to think about not only spending your time and money focusing on making your car better but also investing into making your rig function better as well. When you start racing professionally, your rig should reflect that as you need know where all of your tools are and have them in a nice and neat laid out fashion so that you can access them as quickly as possible on race day. Being able to have the space to have a whole plethora of tools could be pretty helpful as well because you never know what kinds of situations you’re going to run into.

This time, we take a look inside an incredibly clean rig that you’ll find at NHRA tracks around the country as we catch up with Mike Salinas and his killer setup. There are lots of high dollar combinations within the sport but this one definitely has what it takes and absolutely blows us away as each and every turn provides a new surprise.

It looks like, with all the work they have to do on these cars come race day, that this machine is going to be getting just the right treatment with a backing like that. You might even find yourself thinking that this rig has more tools than most garages and that’s because it does!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to hear quite the inspirational story as it comes from Mike himself as he explained a little bit about what it took to get to the point where he is now before taking us on a guided tour of a set up that I think just about anyone could be envious of! He certainly put together a rig that he should be proud of.

We're giving you an inside look at one of the coolest Top Fuel pits you'll see with Mike Salinas! #NorthwestNats

Posted by NHRA on Saturday, August 5, 2017