Get An Up-Close Tour Of Ryan's Fireball Camaro | Street Outlaws

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Ryan Martin and his wicked boosted Camaro known as The Fireball stormed the Top 10 list on Street Outlaws this season, marching to #1 almost effortlessly. He’s since been dethroned by the resurgent Chuck in the Death Trap, but Martin has served notice that he is planning on being a consistent presence on the list for the foreseeable future.

Since he’s so new to the show, at least as a List contender, not much is known about the car itself, so Ryan sat down and discussed what makes the Fireball such a badass on the street and on the track. The heart of the beast is the 572 cubic inch ProLine 481X power plant and the twin turbochargers that cram it full of air. When running on the track, Martin runs a pair of 106 mm turbochargers, among the biggest on the market, but those would be too powerful for street use, so he swaps to twin 88’s for street duty.

Check out the rest of the build and what makes the Fireball unique in the clip below!