Girl Rips Around Town in a Screaming 5.0 Mustang With a 2-Step

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Handing over the keys to your ride can be rather stressful. When the ride in question is boasting eight cylinders and cranking out some serious power, that stress level can surely skyrocket. Let’s just say that it’s going to take a trusted individual to be able to grab those keys and get behind the wheel. It looks like this time, we run into exactly that situation and end up with a pleasant surprise.

In this one, we get to check in with a little bit of a street romp with the help of a Ford Mustang. As uploaded by Rogue5.0 on YouTube, we tune in with a driver who, according to the guy behind the camera, doesn’t have much experience with a V8. We can’t be sure if that’s a little bit of sarcastic teasing or not. However, the lovely young lady behind the wheel immediately proceeds to stomp the throttle and have at it. She doesn’t appear to be even considering letting up any time soon straight from the jump.

The video has a couple of cuts but it looks like she was romping on his car pretty hard for the entirety of the drive. On the way, the car and driver combo seems to attract its fair share of attention as the duo blasts through town.

By following along with the video below, we get to go along on the ride for ourselves. In addition to hearing that v8 scream, we even get to hear the car on its 2-step. There’s nothing quite like taking a spirited drive in a muscle car as you row through the gears. After gaining a million views in 9 months, we would be inclined to say that YouTube would tend to agree. Perhaps it’s time to get back out there and film a part 2!