GoPro: Furious 7 - Behind the Stunts *NEW FOOTAGE*

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

GoPro: Furious 7 – Behind the Stunts *NEW FOOTAGE*

We all know and love the Fast and the Furious franchise for many reasons. Perhaps the foremost of those reasons is the incredible stunts that they’re able to pull off in front of our eyes.

Just how do such magical feats happen? Well, today we go behind the scenes to see what each stunt looks like from a new perspective.

Check it out as we get a little sneak peak at some of the action of Furious 7 along with a one of a kind look at what’s going on with the other side of the camera! All of the behind the scenes action can be witnessed below!

This fast and furious nerd prank had driving instructors SHOCKED!

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