GoPro: Gymkhana 7 - Inside a GoPro Production

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

GoPro: Gymkhana 7 – Inside a GoPro Production

The GoPro is the leading portable action camera that we all know and love, but how did GoPro manage to develop such a niche and completely revolutionize the camera market as a whole?

While it’s only part of the equation, their online video marketing plays a huge role in their success and today GoPro invites us behind the scenes of their production on the set of Gymkhana 7 to see what really goes into putting one of these videos together!

Check out the video below that features five days and four sleepless nights of filming to make the latest and greatest GoPro production a success along with Ken Block and the rest of the Hoonigan crew.

It’s truly amazing how all of this comes together to make a video of epic proportions.

Check out Gymkhana in its entirety below.

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