GoPro: Life Behind the Bars with Davi Millsaps

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

GoPro: Life Behind the Bars with Davi Millsaps

When we look at professional athletes, all that we see is what lies on the surface, a lot of which is controlled by media and publicist trickery. Today, we get what looks to be a genuine look at the life of a professional dirt bike rider thanks to GoPro.

We ride along with the career of Davi Millsaps and dive into the depths of what it’s actually like to make it in the world of motocross and it isn’t all as glamorous as it seems.

Check out the video below as Davi talks about how the sport mended his life in all aspects, even down to how it changed his relationship with his parents. Davi also delivers shocking news about why he doesn’t want his son getting into the sport. This one is most definitely a must watch video!