GoPro: Longest Jump Story

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

GoPro: Longest Jump Story

It takes a lot of guts to attempt what Guerlain Chicherit attempted in beating the record for longest car jump which stood at 332 feet via Tanner Foust. Chicherit recognized that the consequences exist and that they’re BIG, but he still wanted it bad enough to try and bridge the gap between himself and the current record (no pun intended) by jumping 360 feet of open space. That’s 60 feet longer than an American football field! GoPro puts it best by saying that “the result was a record of a man confronting his own mortality and ultimately experiencing a moment of grace.”

As he accelerates with his extensively modified four wheel drive Mini Cooper he must reach just under 80mph when he launches himself off of the 20 ton steel ramp. The calculation must be precise and focus has to be 100% on the task at hand. While it appears as if the car was pretty much on the money when it came to landing spot, a sudden nose dive intensified the situation quite quickly.

As the car touches down catastrophe unfolds. The Mini flips end over end before coming to a dramatic hault. Luckily Guerlain comes out of the situation without any life threatening injuries. Before the jump, he assures us that failure will yield another attempt, we will have to see if he is still up for it after this series of events. See all the action unfold in the video below.

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