Gorgeous Chevy II Shatters Diesel Doorslammer World Record at Lights Out 9!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you’re a fan of leaf spring-equipped rides and small tire racing, you may have already seen this car, and if you’re into diesel drag racing, you’re definitely in for a treat, because this great looking Chevy II just happens to combine all of those things in a package that is just as comfortable on the drag strip as it would be at any car show.

The car, which was originally built by Mickey Tessneer for competition in the Leaf Spring class, once held the record for the quickest car on the old school suspension. Mickey sold the car a few years back to Ryan Milliken, who yanked the supercharged big block powerplant in favor of the unconventional Cummins engine nestled between the fenders now. As you’d imagine, a car this gorgeous catches people off guard when it fires up and bellows a huge plume of black smoke, but there’s no denying the setup is potent, with the aluminum Freedom Racing Engines 6.7L chugger putting down about 2,000 horsepower and nearly 3,000 ft/lbs of torque.

As you can see in this awesome footage from our friend Hans at Free Life Films, the car runs really well, laying down a world record pass of 4.55 seconds at an equally-impressive 163 MPH. It’s cool to watch the in-car footage of the first run and see the Mustang in the other lane locked side-by-side with the gorgeous green Deuce.

The engine in the Nova features a Wagler head, a name we’re pretty familiar with as leaders in diesel performance, and is force-fed by a Garrett 88mm turbocharger, spooled by a Nitrous Outlet InterSpooler to help build boost quicker on the starting line.

Look for more from this car as they continue to peck away at the tune. They’re shooting for 4.40’s and with a little more time, should be able to get there. Until then, just enjoy the show this gorgeous ride puts on at the track!