gR9iNE Revisited: goldRush Rally 9 Episode 2

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

With the tenth annual goldRush Rally still a few months away, we’re taking a look back at the most recent rally while we push through the winter months awaiting warmer weather. goldRush Rally 9iNE routed the participants up the west coast, then back down to Vegas, where the event concludes annually. Earlier this week, we shared Episode 1 of the 9iNE experience, the kickoff for the 2017 Rally, where we got a glimpse at a few of the rides, as well as meeting some of the personalities that make the experience so memorable, even for people who live lives as awesome as this group.

The day kicked off with one of the most surreal experiences any driver could ever hope to experience: the group had the iconic Golden Gate Bridge actually locked down so they were the only ones crossing, a feat no lesser rally could ever accomplish. From there, the rally headed through some picturesque scenery further north of San Francisco which saw the beginning of what would be an escalating game of Prank Wars when one of the rides was treated to a dose of foul-smelling spray during a fuel stop.

The daily leg of the journey arrived at it’s destination, where the participants all gathered for dinner and drinks. During the night, the victims of the stink spray retaliated in pretty grand fashion, dousing the room of those responsible with the same smelly liquid, stealing their towels and moving their ride to a different parking lot. While these are mostly harmless pranks, we can’t wait to see if things continue to escalate or if they call for a truce before things go too far!

If you want to participate in the tenth running of the goldRush Rally this year, you still have time to sign up. The route for the tenth annual rally is one of the best ever, running from Boston to Vegas, promising goldRushers some great points in interest along with way! Get on board while you still can and join the most awesome rally experience in the world!