Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This Granda is savage and we love her for it!

Everybody knows by now that two of our favorite types of videos are ride-along reactions and pranks, so when we came across this video from YouTuber itsLance210 that combines both, we decided we had to share it with you guys.

Lance decides to take his dear Grandmom for a ride in his metallic-wrapped BMW M4, so they load up and strap in and take off down the road. With a camera on the windshield rolling to capture her reaction, Lance stops the car, then launches hard. With 425 horsepower in stock form and likely having a couple of performance upgrades, Lance’s Bimmer is plenty fast enough to give Grandmom a shock, and you can see from her reaction that she’s not exactly thrilled about the sudden act of acceleration. Dropping a couple of choice words, Grandmom seems to be pretty mad at her grandson, but instead of berating him or beating him with her massive handbag, she decided to turn the tides and play a little prank on Lance.

A few seconds into the run-up, Grandmom feigns passing out, playing the part perfectly and sending Lance into a panic. He quickly brings the M4 to a halt – stopping precariously in the middle of the street it seems – and begins trying to bring Grandmom back from her state of unconsciousness.

He even jumps out to run to her side of the car, only to be thwarted by the door lock. Unsure of what to do, Lance returns to the driver’s seat and simply wraps Grandmom in a hug and just like that, she springs back to life, revealing her deception at her grandson’s expense.

Lance is obviously relieved, but a little indignant at the prank, though he doesn’t get too upset considering the situation. All in all this is an awesome video and we hope to see more stuff like this from Lance and our other favorite YouTube channels!