Greatest Gear Yanker on Earth? Banging Shifts In A Supra Turbo!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If it’s drag racing that we’re talking about, lots of drivers will use an automatic transmission to get down the track. In fact, these days, most competitive racers use an automatic just for consistency and speed of shifting but when you see somebody who can really rock out with a stick shift, it is truly a pleasure to watch unfold.

This time, we check out with quite the display that showcases the Double D Tuning Toyota Supra as it riots down the track to some impressive displays with the driver behind the wheel completely ripping through a set of gears on the way to a couple of jaw dropping quarter mile passes.

Whether you love imports, domestics, or both, you’ve most certainly got to appreciate a display of driving like this as this car completely owns the strip, all without the assistance of an automatic transmission. What do you think of this Supra gear slaying display?