Grudge Racer Flips, Car Goes up in a Massive Blaze

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to throwing down in a drag race, nobody really knows what’s going to happen. With just the slightest change in course, a driver can go from a pass that would have been a record-setting best to one that puts that driver into the wall. This quickly ends those dreams that you had of racing supremacy. It ends up bringing the world down in a cruel and harsh way.

This time, the stage was set as a pair of awesome machines was ready to go head-to-head in a Call Out TV. As we would later find out, things wouldn’t quite go according to plan. That aforementioned unexpected change of plans happens to come to light as one car goes sideways before ending up in a vicious roll.

It looks like, pretty much right off of the bat, this pass was headed in the wrong direction. It was rather sketchy as it looked like the car in the left lane almost immediately refused to stay straight. The sway would look to get worse and worse from there until eventually, the machine would end up veering into the wall. From there, things would continue to escalate as the G-body would end up on the roof and on fire. There the car sat for what seemed like forever as it went up in ablaze.

From what we understand, everybody was able to walk away. This is just another reminder about how important safety equipment can be. The right equipment might’ve spelled out the difference between life and death here. It definitely went a long way toward preventing serious injury.

The video down below that shows off the extent of the hard-to-watch situation. In the moment, this was certainly a breathtaking instance. Now that we see where the cards have fallen, we can watch this one without being so on edge! – The Call Out TV

Massive Crash & Fire almost Kills Grudge Race Driver!

Massive Crash & Fire almost Kills Grudge Race Driver! We get contacted by tons of fans wanting us to bring 'The Call Out" TV show to there home track. Yellow Belly in Grand Prairie Texas was one of them. This video posted from Jayshafer16 pretty much made our mind up to NOT do a show at this track. This driver was lucky to walk away, no fire safety equipment and EMT was seen onsite? We promote taking your Call Out Grudge to the track but this one may be the exception! WWW.THECALLOUTTV.COM

Posted by The Call Out TV on Monday, January 13, 2020