GTR vs Mclaren MP4 12-C Dig Race FRENZY

Posted by: Joe Conlin on 11/18/2021

GTR vs Mclaren MP4 12-C

In this clip, we check out a dig race for the ages between two cars the have modern launch control and aren’t afraid to use it! In one lane sits a Nissan GT-R making 700hp and in the other, a stock McLaren MP4 12-C.

This race has our attention as the pair goes at it in the half mile at Shift S3ctor. The McLaren has a slight weight advantage, but the GT-R that makes more power pulls out and stays ahead.

Check out the video below as this AMS Alpha 7 GT-R and stock 500+ hp supercar go head to head! Even though it isn’t exactly a fair matchup, it’s still wicked to see how these dream machines stack up with each other!

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