Gutted P100D Tesla on SLICKS vs Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang in Mini Cash Days Finals

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

I guess we knew this day would come. After seemingly endless beatdowns of cars that have a ton of power, the mighty Tesla has finally met its match on the street.

We’ve seen this car on both the track and the street outrunning cars that, at least on paper, should be quicker than the Tesla. However, between the P100D’s insane holeshot – made possible by it’s AWD configuration and instant-torque-delivery electric power supply – and the other cars’ lack of traction, the silent killer has been nearly impossible to beat. In this video, he takes down a couple of healthy sounding cars, only to face off with a wicked twin turbo Coyote Mustang in the Cash Days final.

The two leave together and the Tesla pulls out to a small lead, but as the boost builds in the Mustang, the Tesla’s advantage diminishes and the boosted Coyote drivers around for the win on the top end. It was a great race and it took a nearly flawless pass from the Mustang to hand the Tesla the loss. You can bet we haven’t seen the last of this car kicking ass on the street.