Guy Destroys his truck in Crazy Jump!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Ripping on an old truck that’s beyond road us and pulling off a couple of stunts could be a fun time but if something goes wrong, that fun could turn into a world of hurt and this guy who decided that he wanted to launch his old Toyota off of a ramp came incredibly close to entering that painful situation.

This is one of those go big or go home scenarios for this driver and he definitely chose to go big off of a homemade ramp but as he started to launch off of the ramp, it looks like part of it begin to collapse as the truck would veer off to the side and slam into a tree, causing some big-time damage.

As we saw it going down, it looked like the driver was certainly going to have some sort of injury from the incident but somehow, he was able to walk away seemingly fine and without a hitch. He should be pretty thankful that nothing bad happened to him during this incredibly close call.

Check out the video below as a crazy jump goes down and the adrenaline junkie behind the wheel of this truck walks away without injury. This is a story that this driver will probably be telling over and over again for some time to come! It’s really amazing to watch it all unfold.