Guy Flies Around Town in Hammock Hanging From Giant Drone

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/16/2021

Without the help of technology, people come up with some pretty mind-blowing inventions. Some of them are more practical than others as they play in our daily lives. However, even those that seem kind of ridiculous still have their place in the landscape. Nobody ever said that life has to be all work and no fun. If that was the case, page likes Speed Society probably wouldn’t exist in the first place.

This time, we catch up with one individual who is certainly creatively using the technology available. We might have to file this one into the “Don’t try this at home” category. However, danger certainly isn’t stopping this individual from his very own version of a good time. He’s flying high right over all the possible red flags that might stop him from such a journey.

Kicking off your feet up in a hammock might be some people’s ideal version of a great day. For this guy, though, he decided that he wanted to do this on a more extreme scale. Therefore, he took said hammock and attached it to a drone. He would then use this contraption to fly around town, relaxing as he went.

For most folks, this would probably be a completely panic-inducing experience. We can’t really even say if flying in a drone for sure is legal or even where the video took place. If there’s actually a person in that hammock, though, it doesn’t look like they’re having any such reaction.

After following along with the video below, be sure to give us your thoughts on the whole ordeal. Do you think that there should be commercially available drone hammock setups available to the general public? Would you be brazen enough to try something like this out if it were available?

We feel like this one is just asking for trouble.