Guy Takes Girl on a Date, Steals Her Car For Another Date

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I think that for most people who have entered the dating pool, we have all been on a bad day or two. Because there’re so many different kinds of people in this world with individuals who all have their own set of needs, sometimes, things just don’t line up and that’s the way it is. It’s really to be expected as you wade your way through the waters, trying to find someone who is just the right fit. However, after watching this instance of a date gone wrong, you’ll think that your bad date almost looks like a dream sequence compared to this.

When Faith Pugh of Memphis, TN was contacted by a man who she went to high school with out of the blue, years later, she decided that she would give Kelton Griffin a shot. Even though we didn’t have his own car and had to be dropped off for their date, she decided that she would still follow through. However, a couple of moments later, she probably lived to wish that maybe she didn’t. I think that what Griffin ended up doing was probably a first in terms of first dates.

Now, the story would be too regular if he was rude or maybe didn’t pay for anything or something of the like, as it turns out, though, he took things a level further, deciding to steal her car when they went to a gas station to pick up a cigar for Kelton. As it would turn out, Faith would leave the gas station to find that her car was gone, later hearing from her god sister who would inform her that Kelton asked her out on a date that same night and showed up in Faith’s car. Now, we’ve seen a lot of dumb criminals in our day but this guy really takes the cake as he committed a felony and pretty much did everything that he could in order to get caught. The news report below gives you a little bit more detail about how he managed to get himself caught.