Guy Turns His Wife's Daily Driver Into a 9-Second Grudge Racer

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When we check out some of the vehicles that one might find a local race track, not all of them started out with the intention to be raced. In fact, many started off as a typical daily driver. With nothing special about the vehicle out of the box, one thing would lead to the next and eventually, the snowball effect really kicks in. Before we know it, we have something that is snapping necks everywhere that it goes.

This time, we follow along with the Stapleton42 YouTube channel as they tell just that story. The subject of discussion this time is a crew cab Chevrolet Silverado. The truck was obtained after the owner’s wife ended up getting a bad deal on another truck. After trading in the lemon, eventually, this 4X4 crew cab would be added to the stable.

Originally, the modification started off slow, apparently with no intention to be raced. The truck would receive a couple of small modifications to become a better tow rig. However, one thing would lead to another and that vision would be changed a little bit. Before we know it, the truck would sport a stroker motor and different turbos among other changing mods. The suspension would even be switched up to make it hook better!

Below, we follow along with the story that explains how exactly the truck came to life. Nowadays, the machine is an all-out beast and has even been seen in the 9-second range in the quarter-mile. I guess that one can never truly know what exactly their vehicle is going to turn into when they hook up the initial mods. That bug has a way of biting pretty hard and things can quickly get out of control!

Who knows? Maybe one day your tow rig will even be fast enough to justify a roll cage.