This is What Really Happens When you Shift into Reverse at 40mph

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Not too long ago, we featured a video of a driver who would head out into the roadways to see what would happen if he was driving along in a newer car when suddenly shifting to reverse. Thanks to newer technology, nothing would happen as the car simply kept rolling.

However, this time, we check out a Ford Ranger that certainly isn’t something that we’d consider cutting edge as someone heads out and tries to create the same experiment and the result most certainly isn’t the same as what happens when the newer car is thrown into reverse.

Instead of having a computer telling it not to start spinning the wheels in the opposite direction, the Ranger’s drive wheels instead immediately start spinning backward, causing one heck of a smoke show to ensue as the poor Ford is beaten to within an inch of its life!

Check out the sequence down below that we most definitely wouldn’t recommend trying on your own. We get the feeling that this Ranger isn’t going to be lasting much longer if they keep beating on it like this, however, in this case, the small pickup truck stood up to the abuse like a real trooper!