Helicopter pilot showing off above water, ends in brutal crash

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Piloting a helicopter is exactly like riding a bike. Sure, you learn the basics and it might be easy to retain those, but when it comes to advanced maneuvers you don’t really want to try those out until you have a firm footing on how exactly you’re going to achieve them.

In this situation caught by a bystander on a beach, it looks like a pilot is out and about, showcasing skills that he hasn’t necessarily nurtured to a safe level yet and the result is dramatically heart stopping.

We watch has the helicopter flies incredibly low to the surface of the water before coming into contact with the surface and going down with a splash. Could you imagine hanging out on a beach and witnessing something like this out of the blue? It had to really catch these spectators off guard, That is for sure.

Check out the video below for yourself as the incident is captured with a clear picture as the chopper goes down. Even with our astute use of Google translate, we couldn’t decipher if the pilot was injured in the incident or not. Hopefully, everything worked out for whoever was on board.