Her First Time Riding in a Rat Rod 454 Truck!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you have been a gearhead for all your life, it can be easy to get complacent on what cars you deem to be badass but when you see someone who isn’t really all that into cars getting immersed into a car with a lot of power, their reaction can be rather refreshing as they get a nice and innocent exposure to the power!

This time, we check out a situation that shows us exactly that phenomenon as the owner of a powerful pickup sporting a big block takes a first timer along for a ride. If you want to talk about taking a big jump and not working your way up, how’s 454 cubic inches for you!? Heck, to someone who is new to big power, this looks to be a decent sized jump in the right direction!

The look on her face and the laughter of enjoyment really sums it up nicely as all of that power allows the driver behind the wheel to really get a kick out of the acceleration provided by the brute of a machine as he plows into the throttle to see how the perfect reaction is about to unfold in the passenger seat. When it really comes down to it, sharing the love of the hobby like this is what it’s all about.

Check out the video below that showcases this passenger’s reaction to a truck that provides more than its fair share of power! When you have someone approaching you about a ride along video, you might just be the next one to appear on a clip like this one! Do you think that this passenger will be raring and ready to take out the truck again or has he earned himself a cold shoulder for a while? I think that based on her smile, he might have gotten away with this one!