Here We Go Again: Delaware Supreme Court rules in favor of Williams' garage

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As a Delaware native, the story of the Williams’ garage that blew up last Fall is one that I actually remember quite vividly. If you don’t recall, basically, the quarrel all started when neighbors got to disagreeing about a garage, nothing new, but it turns out that the ladies who had an issue, in this case, took their battle to a whole new level!

While Charles Williams used his garage for what he says was working on friends’ cars and occasionally working on some of the neighbors’ machines when they needed help, a certain group of those neighbors would argue that the building was used for commercial purposes and not only did they think that Charles was running a business out of the structure but they also claim that it wasn’t built as according to code – how that affected them we can’t really say. Long story short, you couldn’t help but feel bad for this guy as is nit picking neighbors decided to drag him through the legal system.

If you don’t remember the details of the story, you can see them here. Fast forward to June 30th and finally, it seems like the story has drawn a close yet again, at least for the short-term with an argument that had been won by Williams but now has managed to go all the way to Delaware’s Supreme Court, racking up incredible amounts of legal fees the entire way there. It might have been a long and stressful battle, but at the end of the day, as a local paper that goes by the name of The Cape Gazette says, it looks like Charles is going to be able to celebrate his Fourth of July weekend just a little bit early this year.

After a legal battle that lasted over six years, it has finally been found (again) by the state of Delaware that Charles Williams isn’t bothering anybody and they aren’t going to drop the hammer on him as he isn’t really doing anything wrong in his own personal establishment.

At the time of the original story last year, the defendant said he’d dumped $25,000 into the case and the plaintiffs spent an amazing $40,000 to try and get it shut down. It really begs the question at what point is it not worth all of the bickering and complaining anymore to just get up and move if the garage is that annoying to you? It’s quite obvious that pride is at stake here but throwing well over $40,000 in the trash seems like more than a worthy cause to relocate.