Here's What a Restomod Looks Like With $1 Million Invested

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to the cars that are covered by AutotopiaLA, we see some pretty insane rides. One spin through the YouTube channel will find all types of top-notch creations. This time, however, we dial in with what our presenter claims to be one of his top three favorites ever. For those familiar with the channel, they know that that this really means something when checking out some of the insanity that has been featured on the channel before.

To get it all started, the platform in question is a 51 Ford Coupe. Naturally, though, this isn’t just any old 51 Ford. Instead, it’s a completely custom creation designed by Craig Wick of Wicked Fabrication. The whole goal of the car that was showcased at SEMA 2016 was to create an insane restomod but one that could have been built back in the 50s. Being able to source the parts for a different era is easier said than done.

This thing has top-notch materials throughout and all sorts of attention to detail. As our presenter insists, touching on every detail would take all day!

When all was said and done with the build, over $1 million was invested in the pursuit of perfection. Every single detail from the perfect fitment all the way to the period-correct touches like the turn signals and leather straps to hold the trunk shut really make it pop. All of these details fall into their own places and come together to really paint the perfect picture.

We can’t say that there have been many moments in AutotopiaLA videos that we’ve watched that have delivered speechlessness. However, there are several points in time here when our presenter is simply at a loss for words. We can’t say that we blame him as we can truly feel the passion for this automobile flowing through the screen.