His FIRST TIME Hearing a Cammed Chevy V8 in Person *Emotional*

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, the pickup trucks are built for working, not for racing. There isn’t much use for big cams, and no pickup truck has a turbocharger unless you’re talking about a Powerstroke or Cummins diesel. And there really isn’t much use for race cars since there are only a few drag strips in the state and they’re hours from where this patriotic young man lives.

Jesse Kleiber from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel invited his Cousin Eddie up to his home in Delaware to check out his latest build, a boosted single cab Silverado with a gnarly cam that sounds just plain mean. As soon as Eddie rolled up on the scene, you kind of got the impression things were going to get a little crazy, and that they certainly do.

Driving straight up into Jesse’s front lawn, Cousin Eddie hops out of his Avalanche and leaves Freebird blasting so he and Jesse can enjoy the single most amazing guitar solo in the history of rock and roll in the background while they admire Jesse’s ride. Having lived his whole life never hearing a cammed V8 in person, Edide just doesn’t quite know what to expect when Kleib hits the key and the turbocharged LS roars to life.

As you’d expect from a grown man hearing the sound of freedom and horsepower together for the very first time, Eddie is completely overwhelmed with emotion, dropping to his knees and praising God and Dale Senior for blessing him with this experience. He even gets so excited that he has a little accident in his overalls, all of which Jesse caught on tape to share with his audience on YouTube.

With so much patriotism flowing through his veins, you can tell Cousin Eddie is immediately hooked on the drug we call horsepower, and something tells me we’ll be seeing more of Eddie in the future. Now if we can just get him away from stock cars and out to the drag strip, we might have a great time on our hands!