This Homemade Plow is the Most American Thing you'll See all Day!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

This Homemade Plow is the Most American Thing you’ll See all Day!

If you have a driveway full of snow and the trusty old shovel looks like a little too much work and you don’t want to spend the coin on a proper plow, you could always be like this guy and make one yourself!

For just $2 worth of materials and some of what he had laying around, the handyman was able to construct a plow that was six feet wide and three feet high and strapped it to the back of his mini van to give it a whirl.

Check out the video below as this guy pieces together the rig with materials like an old trailer axle, some old rope, and a few bolts and washers along with a bit of tin roof sheeting.

He even throws in a homemade winch for good measure as it comes together to make the ultimate in homemade plowing accessories. While we joke that this invention is “American” it would certainly come in handy if you have a big area that needs snow cleared.